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Created by Gary Gygax in the 1980s, Greyhawk was the main setting for D&D for many years. Make the world your own, and define your character based on what is presented online or any face-2-face session. We might (all) be strangers, but come together based on past and present gameplay. The background that you come up with should be associated with the Flanaess region of Oerth. Unless specified, all characters should start at level 1.

Based on the Greyhawk setting, create a background that leads you to one location: Gryrax, in the Principality of Ulek. If necessary, refer to Anna Meyer's maps of Oerth as found online at greyhawkonline.com. For those not familiar with the setting, refer to the 1983 TSR1015 PDF. Apparently, the new edition has further updates.

Having travelled to the city in 570 CY, you were all told by a mutual friend that untold riches waited for you nearby Fort Easthook. He said that you would all venture west east and descend into a newly discovered temple. "You'll get rich quick," he said.

"Indiana Jones"

Your friend fancied himself the Indiana Jones of the Flaeness. Inviting you all to Fort Easthook in the outer edges of the world, he promised untold riches and fame. Determined to get you there by sea, he paid for your journey, noting all that you’d need to venture into the jungle. Sending a message through Fort Blackwell, he said, “You should see the large entranceway to the temple I found. I was told that there is gold inside. Come quickly! We likely have competition.”

Located in the Hook Peninsula, Fort Easthook was not a common destination. Few ventured that far south as the Amedio Jungle was not a hospitable area. Despite this, you all soon decided to venture there via Gryrax and follow in your friend's footsteps. Bound for Fort Easthook in the south, you were all hired on as ship hands.

All was fine until the ship started to go off course and head towards "The Barrier."

Well aware that there were dangers in the far south, many expressed fear that the ship would go down in the middle of the Azure Sea, where the barrier was discovered in 564 CY. Deemed a danger to all who crossed it, often high winds tore ships apart. 😱 Despite this, many persevered and soon discovered a bounty of treasures that the hulls of ships could carry back to the mainland.

Escaping to Fort Easthook in the Hook Peninsula, those who escaped sinkings in the Azure Sea, often reported that the inner seas were filled with Kraken & other monsters. Many sailors refused to sail into the middle of the Azure. Who would be crazy enough to risk the journey southward? Treasure hunters seemed to have the ability to persuade sea captains to line their hulls with gold and rare artifacts.

The Barrier

Since a group of sailors discovered the circular barrier around a region within the Azure Sea in 564 CY, sailors risked their lives in search of treasure. Located northward of Bleak Point Island, as shown below, many claimed that it was being controlled from the Amedio Jungle, but the west side of the barrier, itself, was too far away. Deemed to be unsafe, many attempted to cross the barrier for 6 years, but never returned. Those who did, reported landing in Ansir, and then heading to Dras Wyn.


Known for its hurricanes, many claimed that storms sunk every ship that attempted to pass through the barrier. They even spoke of alleged sea monsters. “I saw a few kraken patrolling the waters,” said one survivor. “Reefs and sandbars in the area made ship travel difficult.” Lured by tales of riches inside the barrier, many ship officers decided to load their hulls. You were all well aware that your friend’s proposed journey was fraught with dangers. “In Gryrax, seek out Barliman Azimar for funding.”

You all, however, did not expect that the ship would go off course and head towards the Scarlet Brotherhood. In the middle of the Azure, there was a shipwreck that set you all adrift in a life raft. That is the situation that you faced. It is now past midnight and you can see a light in the distance. Was it an island? Why was the ship heading towards the Scarlet Brotherhood?

After familiarizing yourself with the initial storyline, proceed to my Session 0 overview. Session 0 is on August 24, 2024. Time: 6-9pm PST.