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I began working on this campaign over a year ago, and since then, it has grown beyond what it was originally.  Initially based on Tolkien's Middle-Earth, the playable races were initially restricted to those associated with the trilogy, but this has since grown to include those associated with Greyhawk.  I invite you all to take part in world-building and create a new "Greyhawk." At least three of you need to request any change to the world.


Tentatively, each session is 3 hours from 6 - 9pm PST each alternative Saturday, as posted here. If someone is late, I will only wait 10 minutes before starting gameplay. A session will be cancelled if I can't make it as indicated on Discord or if more than half the players are absent. Gameplay will be sandbox-based in a homestyle Greyhawk world that supports your narrative. If 3 of you request world-building, the session will be extended by a half hour. Other arrangements can also be made.

Foundry VTT

Besides any 30 minute face-2-face online meeting, we will be making use of Foundry VTT. I find it to be reliable and well-supported. Note that all characters will be created online using D&D Beyond. Unless a live die roll is requested, all die rolls will be sent to the VTT with Beyond20. (Focus your camera on the die roll so that it can be seen.) To me, keeping the storyline moving is important; Foundry VTT helps to deliver it. Encounter Library provides a good introduction to it's use. I will also provide an overview in Session 0.

Session 0

This will be the first of many online meetings to get to know each other and steer gameplay forward properly. Yes, I am your DM, but I am not your master; your participation in world-building is greatly appreciated. Unless you cannot be present, you will create your character in Session 0 and define what the new "Greyhawk" is like. I will take all of your input into account and change the game-world accordingly prior to each session. Session 0 is on August 24th (Saturday). If you can't make it, let me know by email.


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